Promote excellence in the arts, elevate it, and support it

Welcome to Culturaft Association, where our mission is to promote and support Romanian and international culture and art in all its diverse forms.

With a focus on fostering creativity and appreciation, we are dedicated to enriching the cultural landscape within Romania and beyond.

Our Mission:

  • Showcase Romanian and international art
  • Support artists from diverse backgrounds
  • Promote cultural exchange and collaboration
  • Connect Romanian culture with global audiences

Our mission is to promote cultural diversity and artistic expression. We empower artists and cultural workers through support, resources, and opportunities for growth.” (Guido Janssens, Founder Culturaft)

Through our initiatives, we strive to showcase the vibrant tapestry of Romanian and international culture, celebrating the talents and contributions of artists from diverse backgrounds.

From traditional folk art to contemporary expressions, we believe in the power of art to inspire, unite, and transcend boundaries.

Beyond our borders, we are committed to amplifying the reach and impact of Romanian culture and art. By promoting cultural exchange and collaboration, we aim to strengthen connections with global audiences and foster mutual understanding and appreciation.

At Culturaft, we are passionate about supporting Romanian artists, institutions, companies, and initiatives that contribute to the promotion and recognition of international culture and art in Romania.

Through advocacy, partnerships, and resource allocation, we strive to create opportunities for cultural enrichment and innovation.

Join us in our mission to celebrate cultural diversity, empower artists, and promote the universal language of art. Together, let’s build a more vibrant and interconnected cultural community for generations to come.