Our story

The new face of the former B’ESTFEST Cultural Association is CULTURAFT – an initiative launched by EMAGIC founders Laura Coroianu and Guido Janssens.

After losing friends in the tragic 2015 Colectiv event, we felt driven to take an active role supporting Romanian culture through events, initiatives and ideas emerging post October 30th, 2015.

Just as B’ESTFEST boosted local bands like Grimus, Les Elephants BIizarres, Balako and Electric Fence, CULTURAFT continues amplifying local artists’ work to wider audiences.

However, our mission now casts a wider net – encompassing all art forms and cultural expressions, reflected in our name blending “culture” with “raft.” With greater ambition, we collaborate with the public sector, private associations, companies, government bodies and the EU to propel projects and concepts vital to Romania’s cultural landscape.

Therefore, we hope you accept our invitation to join this endeavor, in the hope that together we can lay the foundations for a new framework designed to support and encourage Romanian culture, regardless of its form and expression.

In collaboration with the public, other initiatives, associations, companies, governmental authorities, and even the European Union, Culturaft aims to become an active force behind ideas, projects, and initiatives that we consider absolutely necessary for the Romanian Cultural sector and which can no longer be postponed or ”hoped” for!

Action is needed!

Culturaft’s Comprehensive Action Plan

At Culturaft, we’re committed to revolutionizing Romania’s cultural sector. Our in-depth analysis has identified critical areas for improvement, each designed to nurture creativity, ensure safety, and propel our nation’s artistic scene onto the global stage.

1. State-of-the-Art Multifunctional Cultural Center

Envisioning a hub of creativity and performance, we propose:

  • A modern multi-purpose venue for international music concerts and sporting events
  • Versatile spaces for intimate club performances and workshops
  • Dedicated areas for art exhibitions and cultural showcases
  • Professional development facilities for the next generation of cultural leaders
  • Training programs covering: event production, sound engineering, lighting design, event security, and cultural PR

2. Pioneering Event Safety and Security Legislation

Prioritizing the well-being of artists and audiences alike:

  • Comprehensive legal framework inspired by successful international models, tailored to Romania’s unique cultural landscape and requirements
  • Ensuring best practices in crowd management, emergency response, and venue safety

3. Groundbreaking Artist Statute

Empowering Romania’s creative community:

  • Addressing the multifaceted needs of artists across disciplines
  • Recognizing the challenges of sustaining a career in the arts
  • Supporting ongoing skill development and artistic innovation
  • Benchmarking against successful international artist support systems
  • Advocating for legal recognition and protection of artists’ rights

4. Modernizing Cultural Funding: “Stamp Tax” Reform

Reimagining financial support for the arts:

  • Developing a transparent and equitable funding mechanism
  • Ensuring efficient distribution of resources to artists and cultural initiatives
  • Maximizing the impact of cultural investments across Romania

5. Unified Cultural Sector Platform

Fostering collaboration and amplifying voices:

  • Creating a digital and physical space for all cultural stakeholders
  • Facilitating open dialogue between artists, institutions, and policymakers
  • Conducting regular needs assessments of the cultural sector
  • Driving data-informed decision-making for cultural policy
  • Accelerating progress through shared knowledge and resources

Culturaft believes in the power of collective action. We invite you to join our mission:

  • Share your expertise and insights
  • Propose additional priorities for our action plan
  • Contribute to working groups and policy discussions
  • Help us build a thriving, inclusive, and globally recognized Romanian cultural scene

Together, we can elevate Romania’s rich artistic heritage while fostering innovation and creativity for generations to come.

Culturaft support

Financial Backing

Our initiative offers financial backing and diverse support to artists, institutions, companies, and innovative projects.

Organizing Events

We’re committed to organizing events that promote international culture and art within Romania, while also showcasing Romanian culture and art on a global scale.

Creative Long-Term Partnership​

Long-term partnerships allow for ongoing engagement in various cultural initiatives, projects, and events. This sustained involvement deepens the relationship and commitment to cultural enrichment.

Culture & Art

Taking an active part in supporting culture and art in Romania through various initiatives.