Our association is driven by a shared passion for music, fueling our commitment to bolster Romanian music on the global stage. 

Through our extensive global network, we have achieved the following:

  • Proposed Romanian artists to perform at renowned festivals such as Sziget, Exit, and North Sea Jazz
  • Financed the artist’s travel and accommodation costs to enable their participation
  • Recordings and Releases
  • Leveraged our connections to feature Romanian recordings on international compilations, such as Electric Fence
  • Promoted and financed Romanian artists to serve as local opening acts for major international shows in Romania
  • Financed professional development courses for music industry workers at various institutions and universities

Our mission is to empower Romanian artists, connect them with global opportunities, and foster a thriving cultural exchange. By leveraging our international network and providing essential support, we are committed to shaping a more inclusive and vibrant cultural landscape.

Over the years, we’ve facilitated the international presence of promising local bands, showcasing their talent at renowned festivals such as Eurosonic, Exit, and Rock for People. From Groningen to Novi Sad, our efforts have provided Romanian musicians with valuable opportunities to shine beyond the borders of Romania.

Mihail – Glastonbury (UK) – 2024

Electric Fence – Rock for People, Hradec Králové (Czech Republic) – 2013

Hot Cassandra – Heineken Open Air, Warsaw (Poland) – 2013 

Grimus – Exit, Novi Sad (Serbia) – 2012 * Sziget, Budapest (Hungary) – 2012 * Rock for People, Hradec Králové (Czech Republic) – 2012 * Eurosonic, Groningen (Netherlands) – 2012 * Arezzo Wave, Arezzo (Italy) – 2013 * Wave Vienza, Vienna (Austria) – 2013

Les Elephants Bizarres – Spirit of Burgas (Bulgaria) – 2012

Moonlight Breakfast – Spirit of Burgas, Burgas (Bulgaria) – 2011

Altersonic, Groningen (Netherlands) – 2011 

Madame Hooligan – Spirit of Burgas, Burgas (Bulgaria) – 2011 

Les Elephants Bizarres – Exit, Novi Sad (Serbia) – 2010

The MOOoD – Eurosonic, Groningen (Netherlands) – 2008